You are enough!

“You are enough. You were born being enough. Nothing you say or do will ever add to or subtract from who you are.” Jenny Layton

YES, you are enough!

And when you truly, deeply believe that you are enough, life becomes much easier and brighter!

Let’s release and relax our body

No one can change the past, but everyone has a power to change the future.” Gunz

Yes, we can make a difference.

And yes, we all have the power to heal the world. But for now, let’s concentrate on healing ourselves first.

Sending love and healing thoughts to everyone, everywhere.


“The power of our breath” meditation

“To meditate is not urgent, but it is very important.

Just like when we take a walk into the nature; it is not urgent, but it is very important.”

This is how Christophe André explains about meditation.

Meditation is very important to our body, mind and soul. If we are feeling happy or sad, bored or excited, meditation is the best gift we can give to ourselves in this life.

In this following meditation inspired by Christophe André, we learn how to focus on our breath and acknowledge this beautiful treasure that is keeping us alive.

Love and light