Life Coaching Sessions with custom program and content.


Louise Hay's Love Yourself, Heal Your Life® workshop


A Program prepared specifically for Children between 6 to 10 years old.

HI I’m Dima Assaf!

I believe we all came here for a reason and we all deserve to live a happy, healthy, wealthy, and successful life.

When I first read Louise Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life, in 2008, I still remember, I couldn’t put that book away that night.

This book had the greatest and most beautiful impact on my life. 

Since then, my journey on this path of awareness, self-love and self-healing has started.


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"A Must-Do Workshop. A Great Coach"
"You Made my Day 🙂 It was an Awesome Course"
"I can distribute positivity now! Positive Energy is Contagious"
"I feel now that positive energy is something we create in our day-to-day activities. We now can appreciate the moments!"
"You made room for the positive energy in my life"
"It is clear that you're passionate about helping others"
"You were patient, kind and you have the ability to motivate and inspire"
"I did this workshop for the second time and every time was different. It helped me to release all emotions I don't want anymore, and it made me feel the love that surrounds me"
"I would like to thank Dima for her lovely spirit, her kind heart and all the effort she made to help us in this workshop"
"I am ready now to start my new life story. I am willing to change and I am ready for a wonderful new experience in each and every area of my life"